Providing qualified advice and support on best fit telecom connectivity and data storage solutions, in Switzerland, across Europe and beyond



Bernard Ravenscroft
Please note that I am no longer offering Consultancy services as I have a new key role with ViaSat. Please see my LinkedIn profile for details!

Specialising in telecoms networks connectivity and data storage.

Sharing four decades hands on experience in the telecoms networks environment, covering national and international network design, build and management roles, with a wide commercial knowledge gained working within the telecom industry. Most recently, I have been heavily involved in national and international, senior sales and marketing roles, consulting, networking, presenting and sponsoring. A real up to date understanding of negotiating in the Swiss and European marketplace.

I can help companies identify best suppliers, to provide the right solutions (design and cost). I am comfortable working at all levels of the management hierarchy, dealing with major Telco’s, Datacenters, International Organisations, ISP’s and SME’s, suppliers and customers alike.

I offer a wide range of advisory services, in telecom networks, contract design, negotiation, RFP (Requests for Proposal) creation and response. Fully conversent  with telecom industry procurement processes for buying and selling services.

With an extensive personal network of contacts across the telecommunications industry, I know the right people to approach, to help solve any situation beyond my own expertise. Working with skilled ‘partners’ where required, to ensure a positive experience that meets customer requirements.

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My appearance in a recent corporate video, with ‘Equinix’ and former employers ‘IP-Max SA’ ;  ‘modified copy                                                   


Providing qualified advice and support on best fit telecom solutions, in Switzerland, Europe and beyond